Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , New Delhi , (Affiliation Code: 3430271)

Each working day starts with morning assembly with recitation of school prayer, devotional and patriotic songs and quotations. Speeches are given by the teachers and students on variety of subjects. Every morning assembly disperses with the singing of the National Anthem.

Education should not only equip an individual with skills to earn bread and butter but also focus on human values and ultimately character formation. We ultimately perceive education as the foundation for all growth development as it creates an enlightened, progressive and integrated peaceful society.
At St. Michael Anglo Indian School, Mohanpur, we emphasize on values such as integrity, kindness and respect. Our main aim is to enable our students to take their place in society as responsible, informed, thinking and tolerant human beings. We carefully select cultural activities at school to sensitize students and promote our unique legacy of ancient culture and rich traditions amongst them. We also consistently make efforts to nurture the students’ interest and diverse activities so that each learner is able to realize her hidden potential, develop a broad outlook and imbibe a positive attitude towards life.
Every child has different capabilities and skills. Therefore we, at St. Michael Anglo Indian School, help a child discover their latent skills or talents so that their self-esteem and confidence level improves. The purpose of education in this stressful and technical world is to prepare human beings for a more meaningful life with happiness, love, trust and understanding, which can only make a child emotionally secure, confident and positive to take up the challenges of life.
We are delighted and overjoyed with the outstanding achievements of our students, but we are even more gratified with the way they relate to the world about them. We ensure that our students learn a new set of skills and embrace interconnected concepts, think independently, work together, act decisively, communicate unambiguously and influence positively. These are precisely the benefits that a global education offers. We, at St. Michael Anglo Indian School, Mohanpur, work towards achieving this goal.


St. Michael Anglo Indian School is from nursery level to Class XII. Academic excellence remains a key area of focus for the school. STMAIS provides all its students unrivalled opportunities to realize their full academic potential.

The academic session is from April to March. The school is opened from Monday to Saturday. Saturdays are off for the Elementary section. Other holidays and vacations are in the school diary. School timings are fixed in view of weather condition. Any change in the timing may be decided by the principal and is notified on the notice board.