Affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) , New Delhi , (Affiliation Code: 3430271)

The academic session is from April to March. The school is opened from Monday to Saturday. Saturdays are off for the Elementary section. Other holidays and vacations are in the school diary. School timings are fixed in view of weather condition. Any change in the timing may be decided by the principal and is notified on the notice board.


St. Michael Anglo Indian School is thoughtfully designed to provide students with a vibrant learning atmosphere. The school ensures the grooming of students into multi- faceted personalities, nurturing their talents and skills. Apart from other basic facilities which are kept clean and hygienic at all times, there are well equipped library, laboratories, and resource centers. All the classrooms are networked with computers and connected to servers and CD caches for instant access to a world of information. Technology plays an important role in the lives of the students and is manifest in almost all activities carried out. Other facilities available to students include Science laboratories, Computer room, smart class rooms, Internet and E-mail facilities, sports and games, Regular school excursions / outings.



The spacious school library is stocked with periodicals, newspapers and an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and non-fiction. These have been selected for the informative and educational value, catering to all age groups. Children are encouraged to make full use of these facilities in order to foster a healthy reading habit and satiate the inquisitive mind. The library is managed by highly qualified library personnel. The library also subscribes for journals on the relevant subjects.


Computer Education is imparted to students from class 1 to 8 as part of curriculum. The senior students of class XI/XII use it for C++ and Multimedia and Web Technology. Each lab is equipped with a state of art LCD projector for teacher demos and other presentation purposes. It is so organized that on completion of class, the students has familiarity with web programming, office automation tools, operating system concepts, multimedia package such as micromedia and other soft wares. All computers are equipped with multimedia kits and interconnected nodes with internet facilities. Technology is used to make teaching and learning meaningful and fun. Computer knowledge is well integrated into all subject areas.


Internet and E-Mail facilities are also available in the school. All students of class VI to XII have access to these facilities

Our well equipped and ventilated labs fascinate the students to carry out their experiments in more methodical way. To provide hands-on practical experience to our students, excellent equipment and facilities are provided in separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in accordance with the CBSE curriculum.


Mathematics Lab provides fast and easy access to a vast amount of information in a variety of formats audio visual, text, animation and still motion pictures. Our approach is based of Mathematics Laboratory in school-towards joyful learning issued by CBSE, in addition, the teaching in the lab, students are encouraged to use lab facilities on their own to inculcate in them a spirit of discovery any invention.

We have recently introduced smart classrooms from nursery to class XII. There is an interactive white board on which diagrams, pictures and lessons are presented through a projector. They also have a resource centre where all lessons and planning for classes are customized to the need of children.
  • Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity class.
  • It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Enables instant formative of students.
  • Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.
  • It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.

St. Michael Anglo Indian School, Mohanpur, is one of the best residential schools in Jharkhand, Hostel is “A home away from home” that is protective and expansive in levels of diversified erudition.

The School strives arduous to make this transition of “moving away from home” for the first time, as smooth as possible for the child by providing a homely, holistic environment which would enhance and groom the astute, emotional and convivial facets of a child’s personality, thus paving the way for the future ecumenical citizen.

St. Michael Anglo Indian School provides residential boarding facilities for boys and girls on campus. All the hostels are well appointed and have trained staff members, including a housemistress and a house master, along with support staff. There are separate hostels for Girls and Boys.

  • Dining facilities with Nutritious & Hygienic food.
  • Academic support after school hours.
  • Well equipped Dining rooms.
  • Monitored internet facility.
  • Round the clock security and video surveillance.
  • Housekeeping service.
  • Medical assistance, Health audit is conducted once in a month nearby hospital.
  • Well supported Laundry service.
  • Well supported Hair cut service.
  • Periodic communication with Parents.
  • Sports (both indoor & outdoor) facilities.

An unrestrained sports complex consisting of Volleyball courts, long jump and high jump court along with a club house with provisions for indoor games. A regulated T.V time, Movie Hall, for on-screen entertainment buffs. An ecologically embellished lung space with green trees abounding in bird nests and beautiful garden enhance communion with nature.


The Computer lab is well equipped and has distinctive high-speed internet, upgraded operating systems, LCD, LED monitors, with power back up.


An infirmary with a qualified General Practitioners and nurse for emergency check-ups and medical emergencies simultaneously a tie-up with reputed Hospitals in the vicinity.


All external communication will be monitored to ensure strict security standards. This would also ensure effective Time Management.


Strict security measures will be utilized to ensure authorized visits along with stipulated hours for visitors and safe and secure campus.


Students will be supported by an effective laundry system to maintain high standards of health & hygiene.


The nutrition and succulent food with the variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and healthy drinks will make the hostel food –the food by choice.


The spacious school library is stocked with periodicals, newspapers and an impressive index of titles, covering both fiction and non-fiction.


We have an excellent transportation plying to almost every nook and corner of Mahagama but offers no guarantee that a seat in the school bus will be offered. If the buses are full to capacity or do not ply in the area of your residence, it will be the responsibility of the parents . guardians to drop / collect child. Interested parents can avail the facility only on the routes on which buses run Details of the routes will be made available at the school office. Bus stops are well defined and cannot be changed to suit as per individual convenience.

Students who will avail the bus facility have to pay the prescribed conveyance charges. Students can pay this amount monthly. Transport once provided will not be discontinued during the academic session nor will the route.


  • Students using the school bus must be at their bus stop at least five minutes prior to the arrival time of the bus. Buses will not wait for the latecomers. It is compulsory for all students availing bus to carry their bus ID card with them.
  • Students should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives and should not rush towards the entry door of the bus till it has come to a complete halt.
  • All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding their buses.
  • Drivers are authorized to stop buses only at the designated stops, unless directed otherwise by the bus in-charge.
  • No student should move around or put any part of his/her body out of the bus.
  • Food items or trash must not be discarded inside the bus or thrown out of the bus. Students are not allowed to eat in the bus.
  • Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by negligence or vandalism. Courteous behaviour is expected from students at all times and unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited. Students who resort to vandalism will be debarred from bus facility.
  • Bus teachers are responsible for maintaining discipline inside the bus. Serious offences inside the bus should be reported to the Principal immediately.
  • Parents are requested not to enter into an argument with the bus driver and conductor. In case of necessity the bus teacher or school authority can be contacted.



The well-equipped music room provides a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards and drum sets for students inclined to music.


The school has a health unit, manned by 2 qualified General Practitioners and a nurse. Students undergo emergency medical check-ups and a health record is maintained for each child. While routine first aid is administered by the unit, any emergency is referred to the nearby Hospital.


The safety and security of our students is our priority in school. In order to provide a secure environment for our students, the school has taken the initiative to install CCTV cameras around the school campus to ensure safety at all times.


Beyond the development of skills, our sporting facilities support students in their goals of leading healthy and active lifestyles. Sport plays a crucial role in the physical, educational, and social development of STMAIS students, encouraging them to explore their talents, develop their skills, and enhance their abilities, whilst enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle. All physical education and extra-curricular sports activities are held within a nurturing, encouraging, and inclusive environment. Our enviable range of sports facilities includes:

  • A Large, Open Playing Field
  • Volley ball Courts
  • For our younger students, we also offer:
  • Outdoor Kindergarten Play area
  • Outdoor Primary Play Area

Outdoor KG and Primary Play Area:

Two separate shaded play areas equipped with a variety of age appropriate and child friendly outdoor equipment has been specially designed for use by the younger children.

Playing Field:

Encouraging physical activity, the school has a large playing field to accomodate various games and sporting activities. The Volleyball courts provide our students with excellent opportunities to develop their sporting talents.